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Below is a list of our current Dealers. As you can we have a number of international dealers, however we are always looking for new dealers.

Name Email Telephone Country
SUMODS [email protected] 6193297333 Australia
JDMYARD [email protected] 61416064695 Australia
JDMACCESSORIES [email protected] 403711102 Australia
BYP RACING [email protected] (02) 9757 4757 Australia
ECU PERFORMANCE  [email protected]  +43 664 1828175 Austria
ISA SPRL [email protected] 3223773020 Belgium
HP FACTORY [email protected] 32479308328 Belgium
EUROPEAN LUIGI RACING [email protected]  +32 4 369 35 00 Belgium
K&D Performance [email protected] 0034685521210 Canary Islands
SKOUTELLAS & CO LTD [email protected] 35722778122 Cyprus
FASTAXESSORIES [email protected] 35799474472 Cyprus
WEILTEC S.R.O. [email protected] 4.20775E+11 Czech Republic
CAR SERVICE GROUP CZ, S.R.O. [email protected]  +420 602 722 891 Czech Republic
ASC TUNING IMPORTS [email protected] 776667447 Czech Republic
ZITEC RACING [email protected]  +420 777 627 853 Czech Republic
ROMAN POTAKH [email protected]  +420 724899161 Czech Republic
HIGH PERFORMANCE PARTS [email protected] 777271126 Czech Republic
HANSEN AUTOPARTS APS [email protected] 4565991616 Denmark
J.A AUTOTEKNIK [email protected] 45292929298 Denmark
CM CARPARTS APS [email protected] 25302806 Denmark
RACE OÃŒ [email protected] 3725057176 Estonia
NRJ OÃŒ [email protected] 37258984944 Estonia
VTR MOTORS [email protected]  +372 5039838 Estonia
ABSOLUTE PERFORMANCE [email protected] 405222996 Finland
TUNERSHOP GARAGE [email protected] 33558716097 France
JDM STREET [email protected] 762832650 France
XL PARTS [email protected] 689813169 France
ALL STARS MOTORSPORT [email protected] 07 82 09 24 93  France
GARAGE TOSH [email protected] 33684223578 France
LR PERFORMANCE [email protected] 33563557667 France
HRED MOTORSPORT [email protected] 533051184 France
CR TUNE MK6 [email protected] 652344101 France
BOSS RACING [email protected] 642059249 France
CUSTOM EXHAUSTS [email protected]  +49 6205- 2890120 Germany
JAPANSPORTS RHEIN & WEIHRAUCH GBR [email protected]  +493949/501594 Germany
KOMO-TEC GMBH [email protected] 4.92653E+11 Germany
GLENDECALS OLIVEIRA [email protected] 4.91512E+12 Germany
STREETSTYLEZ LTD. & CO. KG [email protected] 4.9372E+12 Germany
TIMO SCHWAB [email protected] 4.91743E+11 Germany
KAIDO-AUTOSPORT [email protected] 0049 371 275 506 38 Germany
JDM SHOP [email protected]  +49 9154 9119737 Germany
INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCE PARTS [email protected] 4.99605E+12 Germany
GRACING [email protected] 4.97173E+12 Germany
FEINY´S PERFORMANCE STORE [email protected] 4.99564E+11 Germany
AUTOPARTSNOW.GR [email protected] 3.06937E+11 Greece
HONDASPORT [email protected] 3.02104E+11 Greece
PLATANAS ANTONIS [email protected] 3.02103E+11 Greece
JDMASTER [email protected] 2331066929 Greece
GEARTECH ENGINEERING [email protected] 3.02103E+11 Greece
PROFESSIONAL WORKSHOP [email protected] 852-51977440 Hong Kong SAR China
RED SUN SERVICE KFT [email protected] 36203334470 Hungary
MYSTIC MOTORSPORTS [email protected] 9.19894E+11 India
TRACKDAY PERFORMANCE LTD. (TDP) [email protected] 00 353 404 62650 Ireland
PRO-PARTS [email protected] 01-8030222 Ireland
MCG AUTO-STYLING [email protected] 3.53863E+11 Ireland
WESTWARD ENGINEERING [email protected] 3.5347E+11 Ireland
RM AUDIO & PERFORMANCE [email protected] 3.53647E+11 Ireland
KGP ENGINEERING [email protected] 3.53862E+11 Ireland
ICETRONIX MARKETING [email protected] 01 4019911 Ireland
EAST COAST TUNING [email protected] 877452215 Ireland
JAPSTYLE.ORG [email protected] 857069329 Ireland
GTPOWERTUNINGSTORE [email protected] 3317678841 Italy
POWERTUNING STORE  [email protected] 3.93288E+11 Italy
TRACK-FRAME [email protected] 3496199084 Italy
BG RACING PARTS [email protected]  +39 3332963552 Italy
3EMMEGI SAS DI MASSIMO MORINI [email protected] 39069070720 Italy
MC RACING STORE SNC [email protected] 3.93888E+11 Italy
RTC SHOP DI ROMANO DANIELE [email protected]  +39 069496943 Italy
TSUNAMI MOTOR ENGINEERING [email protected] 3.93496E+11 Italy
D1R (DRAG1RACING) [email protected]  +39 075 393028 Italy
STREET KUSTOM GARAGE [email protected] 3466636468 Italy
ESSE ELLE DI SPADANO LUCA [email protected] 3397535972 Italy
BLANCATO GROUP DI DARIO BLANCATO [email protected]  +39 3701085189 Italy
CAMBERGARAGE DI ALESSANDRO CIGOGNINI [email protected] 3934317676 Italy
BR TUNING S.N.C. [email protected]  +39 0331 623148 Italy
LIZ PERFORMANCE  [email protected] 37129607770 Latvia
UAB ROTAS [email protected] 37069968241 Lithuania
SOURCE-R AUTOSTYLING  [email protected] 00356 79843204 Malta
12TUNE INTERNATIONAL BV [email protected] 0341 550 119 Netherlands
SHOWOFF IMPORTS [email protected] 31162386890 Netherlands
ALL4HONDA [email protected] 0031 594 857193 Netherlands
SPEED SCIENCE [email protected] 212463878 New Zealand
RACE LAB AS [email protected] 4740078120 Norway
ECU PERFORMANCE [email protected] 1 Poland
F.H.U PLANET-JDM [email protected] 48504710459 Poland
MCARS MACIEJ CZYKIER [email protected] 507457261 Poland
ROMINCO POLSKA SP. Z O.O. [email protected]  +48 784 693 801 Poland
JMG MEDIA JAROSÅ‚AW GRABOWSKI [email protected] 48693999356 Poland
VAT REG NO: 9191621389 [email protected] 48501377724 Poland
MECHANIKA POJAZDOWA I TUNING ANDRZEJ GESIARZ [email protected] 48790898832 Poland
NKT KAROL TOBIS [email protected] 48693104390 Poland
RACE&MAP.PT [email protected] 3.51212E+11 Portugal
C-SPEC PARTS [email protected] 915696062 Portugal
C-SPEC PARTS [email protected] 3.51916E+11 Portugal
SANTERCHIPS LDA [email protected] 351 916504185 Portugal
DANIEL MAIA UNIPESSOAL LDA [email protected] 3.51915E+11 Portugal
AUTOLEUGIMPERFORMANCE [email protected] 962931718 Portugal
AMAZING GEAR  [email protected] 35914302080 Portugal
CMCLARO, LDA [email protected] 3.51219E+11 Portugal
RRIMPORTPARTS [email protected]mail.com 3.51939E+11 Portugal
IMPORTPARTS [email protected] 960004020 Portugal
EBISU IMPORTS [email protected] 914929642 Portugal
DNY- REP. INT. UNIP., LDA.  [email protected] 3.51917E+11 Portugal
CLEAN KULT, LDA. [email protected] 3.5192E+11 Portugal
AUTO PAMPLONA, LDA nuno.[email protected] 3.5122E+11 Portugal
ALL MOTION PROGRESS INC. [email protected] 787-222-6738 Puerto Rico
SARL AF AUTO [email protected]  +33 (0)4 90 45 45 43 Réunion
SC.ZZTUNING.SRL [email protected] 749886464 Romania
CARBON AUTOPARTS SRL [email protected] 723131384 Romania
VIP BEST CAR SERVICE [email protected] 40723241090 Romania
COMPACT INDUSTRIAL SRL [email protected] 40733380860 Romania
DRIVEN [email protected]  +65-94875000 Singapore
NIPPON GROUP S.R.O. [email protected] 4.21948E+11 Slovakia
MATEJ Å UÅ¡TAR S.P. [email protected] 38640731515 Slovenia
FORMULA R MOTORSPORT [email protected] 27835558530 South Africa
AJ RACING [email protected] 826699048 South Africa
K&D Performance [email protected] 0034685521210 Spain
KINGS JDM SCP [email protected] 601450376 Spain
EURO HAR [email protected]  +34 936 338 5850 Spain
JAVI PERFORMANCE PARTS SL [email protected] 617067634 Spain
ISTPERFORMANCE [email protected] 662516754 Spain
VSMOTORSPORT [email protected] 34654478602 Spain
TURBO TECNICAS Y DESARROLLO, S.L. [email protected]  +34 918084896 Spain
TMRACING [email protected] 645468750 Spain
RACING SPORT TECHNOLOGY [email protected] 649776741 Spain
NYMAN RACING [email protected] 46735152231 Sweden
MR TUNING [email protected] 4641332002 Sweden
JIM'S TUNING [email protected] 46768477392 Sweden
TSD TUNING AB [email protected] 46761630411 Sweden
LMR INVEST AB [email protected] 0046322-644144 Sweden
BP2 AUTOMOTVE / BLUEPOWER [email protected] 46704155478 Sweden
FSP RACING [email protected] 41774185945 Switzerland
LANGACKER GARAGE AG [email protected] 0041 71 394 2000 Switzerland
PLEISCH SPORTGARAGE [email protected] 0041 (0) 79 680 02 93 Switzerland
SPEC R [email protected] 41797489425 Switzerland
CONCEPT AUTOMOBILES SA [email protected]  +41 26 913 19 30 Switzerland
R-PERFORMANCE SWITZERLAND [email protected] 071 422 22 72 Switzerland
SALT CITY HEROS [email protected] 1-801-837-8555 United States
FULL THROTTLE [email protected] 718-326-1052 United States